Stick to your budget with FinessArt Supplier Connect

Free-up the working capital, minimize needless expenses and maximize productivity

Inventory savings


Improved SLA's

Any alternatives to the expensive labor-intensive supplier sourcing??

eProcurement solutions serve as the platform to implement any cost-saving process as it automates the interactions between supply-chain business entities

High degree of automation and accuracy through Supplier Connect eProcurement platform digitizes the RFQ to inventory processing and invoice approval to payment

Hunting for the cheapest suppliers is made easier by conducting competitive online supplier auction events

Generation of smart comparative statements which ranks suppliers closest to your budget

 Avoid surprise bills through late, partial and unknown shipments

How can I stick to the allocated budget ??

How to minimize risk and expenses ??

Keep track of the audit trails with the suppliers to be aware of the price trends

Take advantage of dynamic discounting

Manage risk by analyzing supplier’s financial health and performance through Supplier Connect score card

Strategic supplier relationship management with FinessArt can build positive professional relationship creating an opportunity for mutual benefit

Why FinessArt ?Why FinessArt ?

Strategic sourcing through eProcurement

Minimize cost through financing instruments

Improve your supply chain visibility

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