Meet your targets with FinessArt Customer Connect

Drive business growth by building loyal customer base through strategic sales and marketing techniques
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Decrease of inventory on stock


Reduction in inventory levels

How to increase the sales numbers??

Sales force automation (SFA) tests the potential of the sales team by fixing targets and beat plan

On-demand credit financing or push sales

Lead generation strategies through influencer management and other marketing activities

Improve your customer experience through one-stop Customer Connect application to address all their needs

Undemanding change management leading to easy adoption

 Better customer service through a transparent customer relationship

 Tight integration with 3rd party accounting applications for account reconciliation on the customer end

How to retain a customer effortlessly ??

Concerned about exhausting collection process ??

Customer Connect is a financially integrated platform providing payment options for the customers to pay and order or raise purchase requests to pay later

Auto-reconciliation of payments through bank connect

Why FinessArt ?Why FinessArt ?

Better order-fulfilment rate

Improve your customer satisfaction score through fewer disputes

Higher adoption rate of the platform by the customer

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